Milton, Canada

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Think out of the box and be a world changer. Set high hopes for yourself and have belief because you can do it. Don’t think small, think big, you are capable of doing the unexpected with dedication and hard work. And most importantly, don’t give up. Things might not work out from the beginning but there will always be room for another try. Light will always be at the end of the tunnel, even if you might not see it now, it will be visible at some point. You are capable, resilient and amazing, we believe in you!

-Sedra and Shahd-

A word that speaks for itself is suffer

Children who live in camps are trying to recover

From all the hope that was stolen, making them vision the future to be rougher.

But that’s not the end we want, were going to uncover

All the hope that was put aside, start over and discover

Ways we can step up and raise those voices so they can flutter, Freely, Live a happy childhood with nothing that will act like a crusher, One smile leads to the others

And one hand, It can help many, one after the other



We can’t just stand there doing nothing while knowing that there’s still children like us, who haven’t found the safety they have been needing all this time.
-Sedra and Shahd


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