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Painting Hope, Planting Change, Empowering Dreams

Led By Women

"A woman with a voice, is by definition, a strong woman." - Melinda Gates

Led By Refugees

"To be called a refugee is the opposite of an insult; it is a badge of strength, courage, and victory." - unknown

Led By Youth

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow." - Nelson Mandela

Our Services

Community Events

Allowing youth and others to experiment the power of art through community events.

Plantable Postcards

Helping Syrian children in camps through the selling of artsy postcards that turn into wildflowers when planted.

Youth Programs

Providing one-on-one mentorship for youth seeking help in their change making journey.


Partnering with organizations/artists that have aligning visions and creating new offerings with the efforts of both parties.

Our Story

Elegant art emerged from the unwavering dedication and empathy of two young refugee sisters who aspire to make a positive impact on the lives of children globally, following their devastating war experience. At Elegant art, our goal is to harness the power of art in collaboration with communities and organizations to convey impactful messages and enhance the lives of children worldwide, beginning with our focus on children in Syrian refugee camps.

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Our Impact


Children helped


Community Initiatives


Youth Engaged


Speaking engagements

Our Events

Elegant Art at the Global Refugee Forum

Wednesday 13 December

Elegant Art representative, Sedra Alshamaly, will be an attendee and speaker at the 2023 Global refugee forum, bringing forward the mission and requests Elegant Art carries to better the lives of refugee children. Sign up to receive an update about the event!

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Elegant Art’s Palette of change; Youth art event

Saturday 28 October

This event was held to educate community youth on the Syrian refugee crisis, Elegant art and what it does to help combat this issue, and was a space for youth to use thier creativity and passion to create art pieces regarding the issues they care about.

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Elegant Art at Plan International Canada’s Youth Symposium

Thursday 25 May

Elegant art representatives Sedra and Shahd Alshamaly were one of the speakers at youth symposium, talking about their journey to safety and their efforts towards the creation of Elegant Art and what it is today.

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Our Values

Stimulating women empowerment

Women can stand up and say their opinion too.

Acknowledging the power of art

Art is a global language that holds no barriers and carries deep messages.

Recognizing what we take for granted

Sometimes living peacefully can make us forget how to be thankful; not everyone has what we have.

Encouraging youth engagement

Youth are very powerful; we want them to realize that.

Dedicating safe childhoods

We want all children to be able to spend their childhood having fun.


Lila Mansour

Elegant Art is a powerful initiative that seeks to empower refugee youth through art. Founded by Sedra and Shahd, two kindhearted young refugees, it is critical that we support projects that build better communities and provide marginalized youth with opportunities to engage in activities they love while inspiring others. Elegant Art offers engaging workshops for young people and creates spaces for youngsters to come together to express artistically themselves. The Elegant Card initiative — which features plantable postcards — is a testament to how creative expression can be a means of conveying important messages, advocating for the less fortunate"

Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio

“Driven by their personal experience as refugee children fleeing war in Syria, the founders of Elegant Art have taken their story and turned it into a social enterprise that raises awareness and inspires hope! It was such an honour to profile Elegant Art for our Refugee City Builders initiative at Together Project. Through their plantable postcards, Elegant Art shows the possibilities that can arise at the intersection of creativity and social change in Canada.”

Nawaal Mahdi-Yassin

“I am thrilled to express my admiration for the outstanding work of Elegant Art, a youth-led art initiative and small business. Being a witness to the incredible talent and passion exhibited by these young artists, along with their commitment to amplifying voices of refugees has been truly inspiring. Sedra and Shahd do a wonderful job sharing their lived experience through creative art demonstrating empowerment, positivity and resilience. Bravo to the talented Sedra and Shahd, who mark in the world of elegant art while championing resilience and stories of Syrian refugees and beyond!”

Darren Syd Duya

“I am a Youth Worker Liaison for the EmpowOUR Youth for Action Program and Youth 2 Action. Elegant Art's mission is to assist Syrian children displaced in camps. Elegant art aims to help these children through Plantable Postcards. The reality is the refugees of Syria and their generation are facing challenging times due to the impact of war and strife. This organization and their efforts acts as a way to create a message to these children being affected and to voice their opinions and experience through art.”

Amna Rehman

“I have always believed in the powerful voices of youth, and their ability to become agents of peace as they raise awareness through their diverse experiences that speak for the youths whose voices have been silenced by the world."

Waniya Jelani

“ I’m so glad I connected with Elegant Art. Without them, I could have never understood completely how powerful our words can be — even as young people. A picture can really speak a thousand words no matter who the artist may be. Thank you Elegant Art for not only helping us understand the stories of so many individuals, but helping those in need of assistance and inspiring us to do the same… because helping the children of today will only help us create a better tomorrow.”

Sydney Torgov

“Elegant Art is a meaningful organization founded by an inspiring young girl who is dedicated to changing our world. Sedra and her team not only create beautiful artwork, but by purchasing these pieces, we are all supporting children who desperately need the rest of the world’s attention. They make fantastic gifts for the holidays and beyond. I’m excited to see the impact this organization will continue to have.”

Our Partners