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Who We Are ?!

2012 is a very unforgettable year for us. It is the period we fled our home country, Syria, leaving all friends, family, and life we had spent years building behind because of war. That step of ours was all in the hopes of returning in a short amount of time to the arms of our loved ones. Imagining the war in Syria ending so soon was a foolish mistake of ours because the situation in our home country was only getting worse. We had made it to Turkey, a neighboring country that we had anticipated would give us a sense of safety after having been traumatized at the sight of blood scenes in every direction you look, destruction blinding your vision. As 4 and 2 year old's, we had to understand the dark world we saw before our eyes. We had to understand complex concepts instead of playing with Legos or brushing a Barbie's hair. And the safety we were seeking from our new start in Turkey quickly disintegrated as life became like a game of tag. We were supposed to run, run, and run from life threatening dangers that came our way because of our refugee status. We were no longer safe in our new foundational start block. So, after undergoing many struggles that caused us to hover between life and death, we were able to secure a trip to Canada- a place none of us knew anything about, but wanted to enter, even if it meant putting everything on the line. Coming into a kind, welcoming and safe space like Canada had made us feel true happiness- an emotion we haven’t felt in a long time. Stepping foot in this place full of endless opportunities, we knew that we were fortunate to have escaped the nightmare that was haunting us day and night. But we also knew that kids our age in Syrian refugee camps were still being chased by that nightmare, unable to break free. We believed we needed to offer a hand that will make sure to reach the other side, that will make sure to hold on to each child firmly, and that will make sure to pull them out of the dark tunnel they don’t deserve to be caged in.

Elegant Art initiation

Our journey with Elegant Art has been incredible, taking a start in February of 2019 when we were only 9 and 11 years of age. We began with showing the struggles of Syrian kids in refugee camps as a form of art on canvases. We wanted to aid kids specifically because we know what it feels like to be stripped of your childhood, so we hope we can let others experience a happy one. After beginning the selling of our canvas artwork, we were approached by a unique idea – integrating sustainability. We turned our powerful artwork into plantable postcards made from seed paper, symbolizing growth and renewal. Each postcard becomes a conduit for storytelling and empathy, spreading awareness about the challenges Syrian children face and the significance of lending a helping hand. Though these postcards are more than just messages; you can actually plant them and watch beautiful wildflowers bloom. Our impact has stretched beyond borders, connecting with those who want to contribute to our cause. Esteemed news outlets like CBC News, Global News, and Al Jazeera have featured our work, shedding light on the urgency of addressing the Syrian refugee crisis. At the core of Elegant Art lies the transformation of pain into beauty and despair into hope. We invite you to learn, understand, and take action. Our belief is that art is a universal language that transcends barriers, effectively conveying the struggles and dreams of young refugees. This sparks conversations, fosters dialogue, and cultivates a collective effort to ease the suffering of these children.

Our Vision

We aim to continue helping struggling children both in Syrian refugee camps and around the world until there is no more work for us left to do. We want to end child suffering and want to get to a point where every child spends their childhood playing and laughing. We also want to prove the power of art- a tool that requires no common language. Art holds so much more emotion and meaning than people consider, and we want to help everyone realize that art is not just a hobby, it is a shining ball of power.

Our Team


Ahmad Alshamaly

Co-founder and Co-Managing Director


Shahd Alshamaly

Co-founder and Program Manager


Sedra Alshamaly

Co-founder and Art Director