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At the beginning of Elegant Art’s journey, we were asked to do an interview with CBC news, which had a lot of positive reactions from community members!

It was a pleasure for Elegant Art co-founders Sedra and Shahd to be able to hold a live segment with Global news, talking about Elegant Art’s impact.

It was an honor to talk with Elie Bahhadi (past Jumpstart Refugee Talent member) about Elegant Art and dive deep into the details of our organization.

Description: It was incredible to be on a very big Arab news outlet that allowed us to gain a lot of confidence about Elegant Art’s initiatives on a global scale.

Being interviewed by a lovely SCF past member, Abrar Mechmechia, was an amazing time to introduce hidden aspects of Elegant Art!

It was mind-blowing to know that we were in the same meeting room as prime minister Justin Trudeau and other government officials to talk about our initiatives regarding refugees.

It was so fun to talk about why we chose art to help Syrian children in camps!

This interview showcased our art drawing process and discussed many stories that were the cause of our inspiration when creating art pieces.

Reviewing lots of memories that led up to our initiative Elegant Art was very enjoyable throughout this interview!

The filming was incredibly detailed and focused on the small details of Elegant Art.

It was very unexpected to appear on a Turkish news channel, but also fascinating! So glad to have had the opportunity to raise more Global awareness about Elegant Art and the issue we combat!

*Start at minute 40 of the video* It was an amazing time being able to go on a stage in front of hundreds of people to talk about Elegant Art and our passion towards helping children as well as meet many inspiring youth as well!

It was a pleasure for the Co-founder, Sedra, to publish a story about one of the experiences of her family during the time of war that she can put as an example for the deep connection with Elegant Art’s mission.

It was an honour being on the first project (refugee city Builders) of the together project. Our story is amplified on yet another level!

Seeing the support we received through the article written about our work as Elegant Art was amazing!