Toronto, Canada
My business

"Hire me now to get powerful and spectacular work that will blow your mind!"

What is My project?

I have a talent of creating content and writing phrases in very powerful and meaningful ways that amaze anyone who listens. I love writing poems because they give me so much power. I feel like I have the power to state my opinion whichever way I want in the tone that expresses the way I’m feeling in that specific poem. I find a lot of problems in the world that not many seem to notice and I write a poem about it. Poems let out very strong feelings from inside of me, creating passion and really showing that whatever I’m saying right now MATTERS. It is very important to me and I’m trying my best to try and pass on my perspective for people to see, consider and have their own opinion about it. Spoken poetry is a favorite of mine. It adds so much to the poem I wrote because it shows the feelings put into it and the change of emotions in certain parts, not only delivering a message to the audience, but making them feel something. Something that indicates the passion put into that poem. I just love writing in general! It’s an amazing way that helps me find my passion and feelings. So, I want to help you write whatever is on your mind in a very outstanding way that makes everyone go “WOW!”

Why Me?

I’m a child who believes that children can make a change in the world and that they are capable of doing things adults might not be capable of doing. Us children have our own unique perspectives that are different than adults, but can amaze them and draw their attention to points they didn’t notice before. Children can do so much, even what some consider to be the impossible. So, don’t underestimate children because we can surprise you and go beyond what everyone expects from us. Just consider putting high expectations for us so you don’t get too shocked by our extraordinariness. Trust me, you will be astonished by what we come up with. We are always bright with new ideas, new perspectives and opinions. Our generation is growing to be outstanding individuals that are continuing to inspire the adults and build great thinkers and change makers. And not only am I a child, but I have gone through many tough challenges in my life that have taught me to build myself up and face the world. I know how it feels to lose hope, to lose beloved ones, to feel like things are not going to get better, but I also know that feeling of reaching the point that starts your life again. Reaching the point where you see the light people tell you about, you reach the end of the dark tunnel you’ve been battling through. Hope might not be visible to see, but it’s always there, waiting for the right moment to appear. So, I have a lot of experience of believing and having high expectations of myself because what I went through made me believe in myself and believe in the change children can make. It’s real big.

My services;

  • Creating slogans
  • Creating brandings
  • Writing stories
  • Writing birthday wishes or holiday
  • Wishes
  • Writing poems
  • Writing anything of your choice