Toronto, Canada
Sedra’s Book

What is my book about and Why did I decide to write it?

My book is about my family’s journey and the many struggles thrown our way, which not many know the feeling of going through. Only a few know how it feels, know how it leaves you hopeless and crushed. My family went through a lot and Iwant to untie all the knots that have kept our story out of sight. I want to let everyone know what we went through, I want everyone to know the truth that made us, us.

Our Story is harsh, it really is. Hovering between life and death and feeling like nothing you do will help. Hopeless. My book is here to shine light on the unknown, to shine light on the hidden, to shine light on the remarkable.

This book is going to show those oppressors what they have done in a child’s perspective and my words are strong, they are going to hurt them and cut through their rock-like heart.

I’m here to speak up on behalf of every person who has gone through a difficult journey like mine. I want to raise my voice to the world and tell them about the truth. And don’t think to yourself, “she’s a child she can’t do that.” In fact, I can. Layers of sadness and fear can be uncovered, the story of suffering and fear can be told by who some underestimate. Children. We can go far.

Overview of My book:

Syria was a beautiful country before the war, everyone was living so happily. I will always remember how beautiful Syria was … and still is in my heart. When the war began, it destroyed everything. I was only 4-years-old and I still remember being so scared when I would hear bombing and look at the destruction in my community. 

I will never forget the day we had to flee or beloved home and only take the memories that we had that will never be forgotten. We arrived in Turkey as refugees having to start our life from scratch. But building ourselves again was extremely hard but we managed to do that. In Turkey, my family faced a crisis. I thought Turkey was the new home and place of peace but I still remember looking at my parents wondering what was behind their sadness. They were trying tohide the dark secret from me and my sister and trying not to show their fear and frustration trying to keep us safe.

Everything was erased once again, the comfort I found in Turkey had gone and as a family, we had to start all over again in a new country. Moving to Canada changed everything, it gave my family the feeling of peace we have been searching for. It changed my viewpoints because I am able to look back at my experience at 4-years-old and look at where I am now. I faced things that were very hard, but they have made me the person I am today. I will never give up hope and I will always remember the beauty of Syria before the war. 

The struggles I faced at 4-years-old taught me that my experiences are very special because a lot of children my age have never and luckily, they will never go through something so hard. 

The goal of this book is to create change, is to empower kids to take action on things they care about, the same way I want to teach my new friends and community in Canada about Syria, about the war about the hard life that kids my age and younger STILL have to face every single day. I want to use my story and my voice to be the voice of the kids still in Syria who are not being heard by the rest of the world.

The 3 most important things I want readers to learn from my story:

1. How kids see destruction and face the reality of losing their homes and leaving beloved ones because adults don't know how children feel when they go through such terror. Children feel and children understand and are able to make a bigger change than anyone.

2. I write this on behalf of other people who went through a lot and can't raise their voices. I want to raise my voice and everyone’s voice and let the world hear our story, let the world hear what we've gone through. No one knows what's the secret someone's hiding and no one knows how much pain they've kept away from you. 

3. I want to let justice spread around the world and make our world a fair place. Justice is so much for some while others don't really know what it means. Justice means a lot for me. I'm a child that believes in justice I'm a child that does not give up and will strive the rest of her life to make this change everyone was waiting for.

My primary Audience:

Anyone who believes that justice is the key. Anyone who knows how it feels to lose hope and start a new way. Anyone who believes in making a change and raising those voices who are secretly hiding. People who feel and know that children can do anything that children are strong when they have supporters. I want my voice to reach to everyone even oppressors who don't know what mercy is Who killed and hurt people and left them with broken hearts because my voice will hurtthem and my voice will destroy all the haterness inside their hearts. My voice might change them to be those who help others not those who destroy others.

What is my book about, who the ideal reader is, and what will they get from my book?

My book is the book of hope it's the book that knows how losing everything feels. This is a book that believes that children have the power to speak and have the power to raise their voices and make it be heard by the world. Not many people know how children see the world and how they feel the pain of leaving everything behind. No matter how much you go through there will always be hope and justice will never be erased, justice will always be running through our veins and we will strive all of our life to make this change. It’s also a way to show that kids can make their families voice be heard that kids can have that power, they can even be stronger than anyone could. Children's hearts are most understanding. So I'm here to raise those voices, I'm here to let people know the truth children were waiting for to be told.

My Goal:

I will use my book to target oppressors and people who believe that children have the power to speak up for anyone by teaching them that hope is never gone and that perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel because nothing comes by itself you have to make it happen and seek after it to never turn it off, which will lead to my ultimate goal of more justice and less haterness. Anyone could be a person that understands people's feelings, anyone could be a person that never oppresses anyone big or small.